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Data Protection as a Service for 2022
By Veeam | 11/8/2022

1,050 organizations that currently or plan to use cloud-powered data protection services were surveyed to understand the drivers and considerations to using BaaS and DRaaS today and what role service providers play to support. · 77% of organizations expect to use the cloud as part of their data protection strategy by 2023. · 46% of organizations looking for BaaS are seeking cloud-hosted backup server services. Download the Data Protection as a Service for 2022 Executive Brief to learn more.

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The Customer‑Centric Guide to Selling Backup For resellers and distributors
By Veeam | 11/8/2022

How to Speak to Your Customers’ Needs

Are all backup and data management needs the same? While most customers have the same top priorities — protection, simplicity and reliability — each customer has their own unique set of circumstances. How can you determine the best approach for each of your customers? Download this IDC workbook, created specifically for resellers and distributors who want to understand and address their customers’ needs, and explore:

- The most common backup pain‑points suffered by IT organizations. - How to address these pain‑points and position your solutions. - A checklist of questions to identify and qualify an opportunity.

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State of Gender Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech Channel: New Zealand [2022]
By IDG Communications | 10/5/2022

State of Gender Diversity in the Tech Channel is a new research initiative designed to examine gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) progress across the entire ecosystem of partners, vendors and distributors in New Zealand. This in- depth survey was conducted by Reseller News and focuses on three core pillars of gender D&I, spanning Tech Industry, Workplace and Personal Experience.

The study is based off of the responses of 160 New Zealand-based responses. Research was open to female, male and other gender identities, welcoming submissions from CEO to graduate levels across all company sizes, industry segments and locations. Questions were designed to be fielded by participants across different age groups, cultural backgrounds and job functions - spanning management, sales, operations, technical and marketing roles - irrespective of industry tenure.

The aim was to independently and confidentially source a range of perspectives industry-wide, aligned to the collective goal of moving the conversation forward in relation to gender diversity and inclusion within the channel.

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Together We Stop at Nothing: The Partner Path to Growth
By Dell Technologies | 1/4/2022

The accelerated digital transformation of the past two years has led to our truly hybrid world. The role of partners is changing at an accelerated pace, and Dell is growing alongside in unison. Dell is making significant investment into compute and storage, and in as-a-Service models through Dell APEX. The Dell Channel Strategy Guide takes a comprehensive look into the partner opportunity in the new era of hybrid work and how you can take advantage.

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From Enterprise to Edge: Speeding Deployment and Management of Complex IT Infrastructures
By Vertiv | 12/8/2021

Business demands are growing fast, necessitating a different approach to IT management. But fortunately, you can tap the power of Avocent® ADX ecosystem to support your organization’s data center and edge growth.

By harnessing the visibility and automated processes of this centralized, open-source tool, your team can streamline IT management, strengthen security, support users, and provide the uptime and responsiveness your organization requires.

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What is AIOps for Monitoring?
By LogicMonitor | 8/7/2021

In this book, we will look past the hype, and take a closer look at what AIOps actually is—and what it can help you achieve. First, we’ll explore why AIOps is necessary. We’ll talk about how environments, and the teams that manage them, have evolved in an increasingly multi-cloud world. We’ll explore how observability of the infrastructure is fundamental for helping IT organizations work more proactively and strategically.

Next, we’ll present a basic definition of AIOps, and its ability to apply an automated early warning system to discover potential issues and provide the context you need to take action. By knowing what is happening, where it is happening, and why it is happening, you can solve problems faster, deliver the best possible service quality, and stay focused on driving digital transformation. This is a fundamental first step toward a failure prevention system, or automated remediation.

Finally, we will talk about the primary steps involved in creating your own AIOps initiative. We’ll take a closer look at how AIOps helps organizations bring together big data from across the technology stack, surface only the most relevant issues, and apply advanced algorithms to deliver more meaningful alerts. Our book will conclude with an overview of some key best practices you can apply to implement the most effective AIOps solution, and realize the best return on your investment.

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Smart Stores - The future of retail stores
By Vertiv | 11/2/2021

This white paper discusses how the future of retail is being shaped by technology and how businesses can develop a smart retail strategy.

With the advent rise of online shopping with smart technologies, new competitors in market threaten the long-standing predominance of retailers. Traditional offline retail stores are now experiencing unprecedented impact. These traditional retail giants are also trying to follow the trend of expanding service boundaries, allying with internet giants, developing independent Apps, and establishing their separate network. This white paper discusses how the future of retail is being shaped by technology and how businesses can develop a smart retail strategy.

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Oracle MySQL Database Service with HeatWave
By Oracle | 2/2/2021

MySQL Database Service enables organizations to rapidly and securely deploy modern, cloud native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. HeatWave is a new, integrated, high-performance analytics engine for MySQL Database Service.

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Why a Backup Strategy for Microsoft 365 is Essential for Security, Compliance, and Business Continuity | IDC and Veeam Research Paper
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this research paper to learn how a backup strategy can protect your clients from compliance issues, data loss, security vulnerabilities, and business continuity risks.

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6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup: The case for why organizations need to protect Office 365 data
By Veeam | 18/8/2020

Download this report to explore the hazards of not having an Office 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection.

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