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  • The 20 greatest milestones of Android's first five years

    Happy birthday, Android! Although you were technically announced six years ago, it wasn't until October 22, 2008, that you made your debut. You've had an interesting five years, and it's only right that we take the time to celebrate one of the most revolutionary things to happen to mobile.

  • Google closes in on mastering mobile

    Google may be the Internet company getting closest to figuring out mobile -- with a slew of mobile YouTube users and increasing smartphone ad clicks -- but it still hasn't quite mastered it yet.

  • The YouTube (R)evolution Turns 5

    Founded five years ago, YouTube is now a full-fledged grown-up by Internet standards. Its days as an impulsive startup--replete with a cluttered office located between a pizza parlor and a Japanese restaurant--are long gone; and is incredible growth over the past half-decade has changed how we live, play, and do business.