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  • Westcon boosts UC play with Smart Technologies

    Smart Technologies has extended its agreement with Westcon Group to Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ), authorising the value-added distributor (VAD) to supply its enterprise collaboration products to its local resellers.

  • SMX signs Westcon for Australian market push

    One of Australia’s largest IT distributors, Westcon Group, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Auckland-based anti-spam and anti-virus company SMX. Westcon managing director Leigh Howard says Westcon will work with SMX to offer the software-as-a-service solution to Westcon’s 2000 resellers throughout Australia. Developed and launched in New Zealand in 2006, the SMX service cleans emails of spam and viruses “in the cloud” as a service rather than through a software product installed inside user networks. “This is the first time that Westcon has distributed a cloud-based service,” Howard says. ““Strategically the time is right to start distributing SaaS services here in Australia. Logically, email is a good place to start and SMX is a good fit for us and our resellers.” Read more at Computerworld.

  • Westcon finds demand for cloud services distribution

    Weston’s global chief technology officer Bill Hurley says a visit to New Zealand in early March with other company executives showed local firms expect the company to play a key role in distributing cloud services. In a recent blog, Hurley said the key issues that arose in meetings with local CxOs and IT leaders were cloud services, desktop virtualisation and unified communications. “The conversation on cloud services was focused on the management of the plethora of services that are arising every day, and how to create the most frictionless, integrated portfolio of services in an aggregated fashion,” Hurley wrote in the entry. “Many of the folks are expecting the distributor to play the key role in the distribution of cloud services…and work in partnership with the resellers, service providers and systems integrators that focus on meeting customer needs. Specifically, the role of Westcon is to provide services for our customers and not to compete with them to meet the needs of the end-user/enterprise.” Desktop virtualisation projects underway in New Zealand demonstrate tangible return on investment and show how the technology is being used to help enterprises reduce costs and provision desktops more efficiently, he says. The meetings also showed a need among organisations to get the most of existing technology investments in unified communications, in particular how smaller, desktop point-to-point video solutions can play a larger role.