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  • Logitech G500s

    The Logitech G500s has just about every feature a gamer could dream of, particularly if you play first-person shooters and other games that require pinpoint accuracy.

  • CyberPower VALUE1200ELCD

    New Zealand can barely go a few months without a major power outage in some part of the country, and this poses risks to PC users: either a massive spike or sudden drop in the voltage coming out of your wall sockets and going into your sensitive computer components.

  • Netgear R6300

    Netgear is the latest early-adopter of the in-development 802.11ac standard, which is intended to provide throughput of at least one gigabit per second. That’s almost double the maximum throughput of 802.11n, the highest-speed Wi-Fi standard that’s been widely adopted.

  • Logitech UE 6000

    Logitech’s UE 6000s are some of the most comfortable headphones ever to lovingly cradle my head. The cushioning in the earcups and under the headband is soft and squishy, and the headband is extendable enough to cater for everyone.