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  • For Michael Cahir, it's all about people

    Certus Solutions’ account director, Michael Cahir says the business of sales is a people business. Cahir worked at IBM as a Maximo Brand Manager before joining Certus and has specialised in Tivoli and other IBM solutions. Cahir works out of the Auckland office of Certus, which has centres in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington and offers clients with IBM technology an opportunity to extract the maximum value from their investment, including Business analytics, consulting and support.

  • Like magic

    I have a confession to make. The family were away for the weekend so I got to do whatever I want around the house for a change. This involved lying around naked and half drunk on Viognier and spooning a selection of expensive cheeses into my belly. But my real sin was succumbing to the desire to watch 80s porn in the form of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. The message sat well with my lone disposition: Greed is Good. More cheese, yes please.

  • From stuntman to salesman

    One time Liverpudlian and now devoted Kiwi, David Carlile has led a varied working life including, doorman, stuntman, semi pro Fighter and security guard. The single father of five is now the Lenovo BDM at Synnex, when he’s not raising money various charities including Starship and Canteen.

  • Inches in New Zealand

    I bought a little Galaxy Mini from the Vodafone stall in the mall the other day. The sales person had a badge that told me that he was a “Smart Phone Ninja”. A Ninja, I thought for a moment with true wonder. This person has been studying the technology of smart phones from the age of three judging by his acne. For a laugh I asked him, “What version of Android is on this phone; Ice Cream Sandwich or Hamburger?”

  • Walking the beat with Lou Nunn

    Lou Nunn may be an ex-police officer, but these days, he's more like officer friendly. He is the sales and strategy team manager for Express Data, with plenty of eyewitness to his good behaviour. Nunn has been with ED for almost ten years (four months to go) and now manages a range of hardware and software products.