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  • Fujitsu drops SPARC, turns to ARM for Post-K supercomputer

    Alternative chip architectures are taking some thunder away from Intel's x86 at this week's International Supercomputing Conference in Frankfurt. The ARM architecture, which dominates mobile-device chips, will appear in Fujitsu's next flagship supercomputer.

  • SPARC outsources e-news service

    Sports and Recreation NZ (SPARC) is looking for a supplier to provide its e-news service called Relay. A list of 200 free web resources has been collated and stored into a social bookmarking website for ease of access. This is used by the provider to scan for sports news and research. The supplier will have to set up an appropriate Relay email account and take a proactive approach to collating Relay such as Google alerts and e-subscriptions.

  • SPARC seeks database replacement

    Sports and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) wants a redesign and replacement of its high performance sport database. The six year old system has a number of issues including complicated functions, fragmented data locations, expensive customisation and unnecessary features.