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  • Sonnet launches first storage products with Thunderbolt

    Sonnet Technologies has announced its first storage products featuring the superfast Thunderbolt connection. Developed by Intel and first seen in Apple's new MacBook Pros, Thunderbolt technology supports high-speed data transfer and high-resolution displays through a single, compact port. Based on PCI Express and DisplayPort technologies, Thunderbolt provides support for two channels on the same connector with 10 Gbps of throughput per channel in both directions.Sonnet's Fusion storage products that will be available with Thunderbolt portsy include a portable 2-drive SSD system, an economical 4-drive RAID 5 unit, and a professional 8-drive video edition RAID storage system. Sonnet's Echo Express PCIe 2.0 Expansion Chassis with Thunderbolt ports enable users to plug in high-performance PCIe 2.0 adapters such as video capture cards, Fibre Channel cards, Sonnet RAID controllers, and more to a computer with a Thunderbolt port. All of these products include two Thunderbolt ports to support daisychaining of up to six devices to a single Thunderbolt port on the host computer.