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  • Mobility is permanent, says Dale Campbell

    Dale Campbell’s role as business manager at Simms International (soon to be rebranded as Expressonline), for the Motion Computing product portfolio allows an insider’s perspective on how much mobile devices are shaping different industries in the country.

  • Huawei dealers keep mum on spying claims

    Huawei dealers are keeping schtum on recent spying claims involving the Chinese-owned company. The New Zealand government came under fire recently for allowing Huawei to become involved in the roll out of the UFB project in New Zealand after Australia, and the USA has banned Huawei from bidding on certain contracts in those counties because of fears that Huawei is linked to spying activity relating to its company directors’ military backgrounds.

  • 2012: The year of the lean channel

    Simms’ managing director Paul Johnston says 2012 will be “a very busy period” for the company. Simms will continue to build up on the vendor partnerships it started in 2011 and there is also the possibility of adding more vendors to its portfolio of products.

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