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  • Traditional backup solutions are 'broken', says Symantec

    Security vendor Symantec has announced new set of solutions to address backup problems for both small businesses and enterprises. The company says the new solution enables 100 times faster backup, as well as easing management and recovery, in case of disaster. The new product is the result of research conducted by Symantec to 1400 IT professionals worldwide, which revealed that 49 percent of them cannot meet Service Level Agreements (SLA) because of too much data. According to the company, the results show that the traditional approach to backup is broken and a new model needs to be implemented. A total of 72 percent of respondents said they would switch backup products if speed doubled. The survey also found that organisations have an average of four different backup solutions to protect physical systems, and three solutions to protect virtual systems. “Today, Symantec unveils a radical new plan to modernise data protection that will drive out 80 percent of the operating costs associated with backup over the next five years,” says Deepak Mohan, senior vice president of Symantec’s Information Management Group. “Symantec is announcing a new set of solutions that address the problems in backup – from the most complex of enterprise data centres requiring a true tiered-recovery strategy to the smallest business that needs the confidence that they can easily recover their data.”