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  • The way we were

    There are very few moments in our trying lives when we have the opportunity to get away with it. In short, we’re all bloody liars, at some point or other.

  • Lets meet our buyers

    Huzzah, something good to write about for a change. The chance has finally arisen to meet the buyers. No, it’s not a chance to take along the poison-tipped umbrella in order to surreptitiously jab the people who you know do not favour your solution in the leg and thus render them a drooling fool, but it’s more a chance to get to know who is buying your stuff and to grab an opportunity to put across your genuine unique selling point.

  • Nek Minnit

    So here I am, Clever Trevor, living in a small Waikato town with a famous toilet and working as a trainee manager at the Huntly Countdown. It’s not much of a job but it’s the only job I can get. I have an injury that means I can’t drive trucks anymore. My eyes point inwards and my teeth are rented. The money at Countdown is not very good. I have to budget for all the bills and if something out of the ordinary comes along like a new scooter, I just can’t physically pay for it because the money is not physically in my pocket. I’m living week to week, like 90 per cent of us. I left my scooter outside the dairy and NEK MINNIT, I’m a millionaire. (If you’re unfamiliar with our two new friends that I’ve combined above, then unblock your Youtube access and search for Nek Minnit and last week’s Lotto winner.)

  • Any option in a storm

    Have you heard the one about the port authority that wanted to sack all of its workers? Press one for the punch line, two for someone who gives a hoot and three for a container full of the stuff that comes out of male cows.