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  • Razr 2: first impressions

    Motorola on Friday lifted the wraps from four carrier-specific models of the successor to its hugely popular Razr flip phone. Here's the scoop, along with my first impressions of some sample Razr 2s we received.

  • July 'beam down' for 2G RAZR phone

    Motorola has announced the next-generation RAZR phone, called RAZR2. It is a slimmer second-generation device, reduced in size by two millimetres from the original RAZR.

  • Motorola's Motofone aimed at mass-market

    Motorola launched an entry-level cell phone yesterday (28 November) hoping to make up ground on rival Nokia by selling a large number of the simple handsets, instead of relying on high-priced smartphones.

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  • Top 10 cellphone favourites for 2007

    It's been an exciting year for cellphones: Apple came out with the iPhone; Google and its partners announced a new mobile platform called Android; and as always, phone makers unleashed a horde of better, faster, and more capable handsets.