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  • Samsung to take CE distribution from Radiola

    Samsung will distribute its own consumer electronics range locally from the beginning of March, as part of a mutual agreement with current distributor Radiola Corporation. The range includes televisions, digital imaging and audiovisual products, along with whitegoods. “This new arrangement is part of an ongoing strategy that will ensure Samsung continues to develop close relationships with its business partners, retailers and consumers,” the company said in a statement. Samsung’s IT products are distributed by Ingram Micro.

  • Family test: Apple's newest iMac packs a wallop

    When Apple recently sent along one of its new iMacs — a sweet 24-inch model with a 2.8GHz Penryn processor — I agreed to take it home and give it a dose of family testing at the Finnie household. And with three kids aged 3, 6, and 16, that's saying something.