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  • NZ's Pingar to feature in SharePoint 2010 launch

    New Zealand company Pingar is preparing to launch into the enterprise search market at Microsoft's SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas, which gets under way today. Pingar has developed an enterprise search tool that can be embedded into the upcoming release of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Pingar's tool goes inside data documents, finds the content the user is seeking and then places it into a dynamically generated PDF or XPS document, rather than just presenting a list of links like the traditional search model. The technology also sorts the search into categories to minimise reading times. The tool will "take the browsing out of browsing,” says Pingar’s co-founder and managing director Peter Wren-Hilton. “Pingar shares Microsoft’s vision to offer solutions with significant productivity and cost-savings for enterprises,” said Owen Allen, SharePoint senior product manager at Microsoft, in a statement.  “Smarter searching and content management is an integral part of the efficiencies offered by SharePoint Server 2010.” Pingar was identified by Microsoft as having high-growth potential by being accepted into the Microsoft Start-up Accelerator Program in the United Kingdom last year.