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  • IN PICTURES: EDGE 2015 - Day Two keynote and plenary session (+45 photos)

    Here are pictorial highlights of the morning session, day two, at EDGE 2015 featuring the keynote by former Myer CEO, Bernie Brookes, and a plenary session from VMware - presented by director of channels and general business A/NZ, John Donovan, and senior product marketing manager, Aaron Steppat - on Opportunity in a liquid world: Outcomes and profitability to the channel. Photos by Alison George.

  • Mars rovers return to exploration

    The two Mars rovers that have been carefully conserving critical power supplies since June, when the summer dust-storm season began on the red planet, are now springing back to work as the storms subside.

  • NASA rovers in trouble on Mars

    Summer dust storms on Mars are causing problems for NASA's twin Mars exploration rovers, blotting out the sunlight they need to recharge their batteries and threatening their operations on the red planet.