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  • New look Reseller News website goes live

    If you haven't been here already, welcome to the new-look Reseller News website (www.reseller.co.nz). Amongst other features you'll find the content is now refreshed daily -- more frequently when there's breaking news and there's a new blog. Our entire archive of stories is now available online and the search tools have been improved so you can now find most of the stories that have appeared in Reseller News. There’s also opportunity for reader interaction. You can provide instant feedback on any story and, of course, respond to blog entries. As usual, we’re also asking readers to get in touch with us when there’s a breaking news story. Traffic to the Reseller News website jumped by more than 50 percent in the first 24 hours following the redesign, without any promotion. If you've got a story for reseller.co.nz get in touch with the editor Bill Bennett.