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  • Looking at the 32GB iPod touch

    When Apple unveiled the iPod touch our reception of it was lukewarm. Its video wasn't as bright and defined as that of the iPhone. It offered an unnecessarily hobbled set of features--the Calendar application, for example, didn't allow you to add or edit events and it lacked applications such as Stocks, Weather, and Notes. And its playtime didn't measure up to Apple's estimates. Slick though the touch screen interface was, many were disappointed that the touch didn't live up to the dream of the "phone-less iPhone."

  • More map features lead iPhone news

    Apple has expanded the iPhone's capabilities with a software update that adds a location finder to the Maps feature, customised home screens, multi-person SMS chats, and Webclips. In addition, video playback on the phone now supports chapters, subtitles and languages, while the music playback adds support for lyrics.