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  • Kiwibank to survey secure mail options

    New Zealand Post subsidiary Kiwibank has issued a request for information to assess secure mail management tool options. It will then decide whether to proceed to tender. The secure messaging tool will be part of Kiwibank’s internet banking website and will be used to communicate between authenticated Kiwibank customers and the Kiwibank contact centre. The bank wants a tool that is more flexible and functional than the pilot tool developed internally 2.5 years ago. It seeks a tools for secure receiving and sending of email, workflow management, templates, mail categorisation, a customisable front end, auditing, archiving, reporting and instant messaging. It also prefers to have the ability to send emails can in HTML format, to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, automate reporting, include staff user administration such as access rights management, and to use VoIP an video calling. Responses must be received by 22 April.