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  • Whatever happened to the IPv4 address crisis?

    In February 2011, the global Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last blocks of IPv4 address space to the five regional Internet registries. At the time, experts warned that within months all available IPv4 addresses in the world would be distributed to ISPs.

  • A10 hires former HP executive

    Application networking company, A10 Networks, has appointed Greg Barnes as its managing director for the Australia and New Zealand region.

  • IPv6 launch means new opportunities for resellers

    June 6 has been scheduled for the world launch of IPv6, the internet protocol addressing system that supersedes IPv4. Last year, IPv6 was run for just one day; this time it stays on, supported by all the major players, such as Cisco, Facebook and Google.

  • Brocade unites IPv4 and IPv6

    Brocade this week unveiled software for its application acceleration switches that enables them to function as gateways between existing IPv4 networks and new ones built on <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/073009-ipv6-guide.html">IPv6</a>. 

  • Agency tightens IPv4 address procedure

    The organization that assigns Internet addresses in the U.S. plans to raise the bar for getting them as the supply of IPv4 (Internet Protocol, version 4) addresses nears exhaustion, raising the specter of aggressive speculation on a soon-to-be-rare resource.