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  • In praise of the iPod shuffle

    Apple updated what's left of the iPod line earlier this week. They bumped the processor and improved the camera on the iPod touch, and added some new colors. And they also added new colors to the iPod nano and iPod shuffle.

  • Cyclone Computers becomes Apple reseller

    Cyclone Computers’ appointment as an Apple Authorised Education Reseller (AAER) is seen by the company’s managing director, Richard Morgan, as an opportunity to drive significant increase in delivery of educational content through digital media. The appointment means that Cyclone Computers can now sell Apple’s range of MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPods and iPads to educational bodies within New Zealand.

  • Apple refreshes iPod line, cuts touch model prices

    As anticipated, Apple has revamped its iPod music players and launched a new version of iTunes that includes a new community-based music recommendation feature. The company also promised to issue an iPhone update to solve the dropped call problems that have plagued users since July.

  • Apple promises fewer dropped calls with iPhone 2.1

    Rejoice, long-suffering iPhone users -- Apple has announced an update to the software that operate their iPhone and iPod touch. A free upgrade from 2.0, iPhone 2.1 software is expected to be released on Friday, September 12, 2008.

  • Six complaints about Apple's iPhone 3G

    The iPhone's 3G incarnation generated lots of hype at its launch, but it's quickly gaining a reputation for having slow data speeds and inconsistent voice service.

  • Tomizone reaps iPhone benefits

    High Apple iPhone 3G sales have delivered a windfall for local wi-fi hotspot provider Tomizone. Since the launch of the iPhone in Australia and New Zealand, Tomizone has experienced a 40 percent boost in its number of hotspots and a 60 percent increase in user registrations in the region.

  • AIM for iPhone

    One of the most frequently voiced complaints about the iPhone since its introduction last year has been a lack of instant messaging support. There are plenty of workarounds, to be sure, but they ranged from potentially expensive (like using the iPhone's SMS system) to slow (web-based applications) to illicit (clients that ran on jailbroken phones).

  • Sony offers wireless iPod speaker system

    Sony has introduced its S-Air Play sound system for the iPod. The S-Airplay is a wireless multi-room music system with prices starting at $400 — that includes two wireless speaker systems. It will be available beginning in September.

  • Stay-at-home mobile accessories

    Most laptop gear is designed to enhance your mobile life, but what about all those hours you spend using your portable at home? Here are two laptop accessories for your humble abode.

  • Texas Hold’em for iPhone

    I must admit that when Apple released its Texas Hold'em poker game for the iPod back in 2006, I spent many hours, iPod in hand, honing my poker skills (if nothing else, I did get to play against digital versions of some Apple executives ).