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  • Give your brain a workout with Lumosity

    There are several activities that you can do to keep your mind sharp. Some people like crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Perhaps you're more into trivia, or word problems. Or maybe you're hip to quick games designed to work out your brain through various exercises.

  • Hands-on with the new mobile Sonos apps

    A decade after entering the field, Sonos leads the multi-room audio market, thanks in large measure to software controllers that make its hardware exceedingly easy for consumers to install and operate. Now the company is preparing to ship its first from-the-ground-up redesign of those controllers. Most Sonos users will be happy with the changes.

  • Apple's rumored Healthbook app will reportedly look a lot like Passbook

    Apple's long-rumored iWatch will dig deeper into your health than any other wearable on the market if reports about its Healthbook app prove true. The app, which is expected to anchor iOS 8 and Apple's first wrist computer, will combine the greatest hits of other wearables--vital stats, activity, and sleep--in one centralized spot so you never have to leave Apple's ecosystem.

  • Facebook finally shakes things up with Paper, the front page for your life

    Facebook wants to be the newspaper for your life: the place where you go to find out if your friends are getting married or having babies or graduating from college, the place you go to read viral news stories. But the old interface has grown clunky. Facebook needed to break its own mold. So Thursday, the company introduced a new iOS app: Paper.

Features about iOS apps
  • Must-have apps for music festivals

    Grab your sunscreen, high-rise cutoff shorts, and favorite satchel: Coachella kicked off this week, which marks the unofficial ushering in of music festival season. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to music fests all around the country, and for some, summer just wouldn't be the same without attending one of these mega events. With beautiful weather (most of the time), camaraderie with other attendees, an interesting array of food and art, and of course killer bands, there's a lot to experience.

  • Staff Picks: iOS apps you should check out now

    It's no surprise that the App Store has gotten a wee bit crowded over the last few years. With millions of iOS devices activated every year, and tens of thousands of app developers itching to make software for those devices, there's new and cool stuff (along with new and not-so-cool stuff) arriving on the Store every day. Trying to keep up with it all is a fool's errand, as we at Macworld know all too well.