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  • Revealed - The top 10 fastest cities for broadband in NZ

    Revealed - The top 10 fastest cities for broadband in NZ

    New figures released by Chorus have revealed New Zealand’s top ten cities for fast, fixed line broadband. Overall, the average download speed for households and small businesses on the network in February 2017 was 41MBPS compared with 25MBPS at the same time last year. The results show that Kiwis are downloading, streaming TV and gaming at a huge rate, with the country chewing through 1.5 exabytes (or 1,500,000,000 gigabytes) of data. In addition, the number of households on the Chorus network utilising ultra-fast fibre has nearly doubled in the last 12 months to 21 per cent. Reseller News explores the top ten cities leading the way.

    Revealed - The top 10 fastest cities for broadband in NZ
  • Google I/O 2015 in photos

    Google I/O 2015 in photos

    Once again, Google I/O was held at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, May 28 and 29. As Google's annual confab for third-party developers, engineers from across the world attended the show to hear about Google's latest products and services. This year, Google revealed, among other services, Android Pay, a new way to purchase items in brick-and-mortar stores using Android smartphones; a developer preview of "M," the next version of the Android operating system; Brillo, a new OS based on Android to control devices in the home and let them talk to each other; and a new photo sharing app called Google Photos.

    Google I/O 2015 in photos
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