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  • IDC: Amount of global digital information is growing

    Global digital information (the digital universe) amounted to 281 billion gigabytes in 2007, or almost 45 GB of digital information for every person on earth, according to EMC-sponsored research by analyst firm IDC US.

  • HP: colours 'jump off the screen'

    Hewlett-Packard is planning to deploy a new colour display technology it says can display one billion colours, making them far more vibrant and real, across its product lines.

  • Kingston shows secure USB stick

    The evolution of USB sticks from detested security hazard to data respectability has continued with the announcement of a new product certified to stringent U.S. government levels of security.

  • Apple rolls out 2.0.2 update for Apple TV

    Apple released Apple TV Software 2.0.2 Monday, an update that, from all appearances, brings a single new features and a collection of unenumerated bug-fixes to Apple's set-top box. As with the previous 2.0.1 update, this update was released with little fanfare.

  • Sales of Linux on Dell computers still growing

    As it approaches its one-year anniversary next month of selling laptop and desktop computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux, Dell is continuing to expand the fledgling program to new computer models and markets.

  • Asia IT market feels effect of US slump

    Recurring news of further deterioration to the outlook of the U.S. economy has raised concern over the potential impact on the stability of the IT market in the Asia/Pacific region, including Japan (APJ). In a review of the most recent economic indicators, current IT forecasts, and the economic linkage of APJ and US economies, IDC developed two scenarios of worsening US economic outlook for lead factors associated with IT expenditure. In the first scenario, IDC's research depicted a moderate 1.7 percent and 0.9 percent erosion of its current forecast APJ IT market growth for 2008 and 2009, respectfully, should the U.S. conditions worsen. In dollar terms, this means US$4.8 billion and US$7.5 billion less market potential in 2008 and 2009.

  • IPhone has hurt Palm, BlackBerry

    Palm's facing deep challenges to compete with Apple's iPhone, while Research In Motion's BlackBerry also seems set to lose market share to the device, at least in the consumer market, an analyst reports.