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  • Warner's Blu-ray Disc move has industry buzzing

    The decision by Warner Bros. to drop HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray Disc for high-definition movies has set the electronics industry abuzz. Announced on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show, the move put a single question in the minds of thousands of industry-insiders heading to the show in Las Vegas: Could the high-definition format war be over?

  • After all the talk, high-def on regular DVDs

    For the last few years most of the world's biggest consumer electronics companies have been arguing over a format for high-definiton video discs. The drama over HD DVD versus Blu-ray Disc has confused consumers and held back adoption and, it turns out, might have been unnecessary after all.

  • PS3 loses neutral player to HD DVD

    Paramount Pictures has announced it will drop support for Sony's Blu-ray high definition format in favour of exclusively supporting the Microsoft-backed HD DVD. The decision further complicates the race between the competing technologies.

  • Blu-ray outpacing HD DVD sales

    Sales of Blu-ray high-definition discs exceeded sales of the rival HD-DVD format in the first half of 2007 by a margin of two to one in the US according to Home Media Research.