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  • Phil Cameron joins Westcon

    IBM's former director of business partner organisation and ARN Hall of Famer, Phil Cameron, has joined Westcon Group as its ANZ director of Vendor Alliances.

  • Datastor rebrands as Westcon

    Datastor has today begun a rebranding campaign under its new name, Westcon Group NZ Ltd, following the company's acquisition in October 2009. The company has ceased trading operations as Datastor NZ and, from today onwards, will operate solely under the Westcon name. In a statement released today, the distributor says this is "an exciting change and will enable Datastor to leverage the reputation and support of its international counterparts, while keeping its local focus". With the name change, Datastor says it is now positioned to "use the global reach at a local level". With the rebranding comes a more extensive solution portfolio, the company says. "Our major goal of our rebranding effort and our business moving forward is to become an even stronger distribution partner for our vendors and for our resellers through our vendor and reseller first programmes," reads the statement.

  • Juniper turns new leaf with resellers

    Juniper Networks says it hasn’t been paying enough attention to partners and 2012 is the year to change that. The company had its first global partner conference in Las Vegas last month where it announced a range of new initiatives being rolled out to its worldwide network of partners over the next few months.

  • 2012: The year of channel consolidation

    "Nothing’s ever bad, I think that’s a negative way of looking at things," replies Datastor managing director Dave Rosenberg when asked whether he thinks 2012 will be a good or a bad year for the IT industry.

Features about Datastor
  • 2011: Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

    2011 has been notable because, in spite of the so-called global financial crisis, the New Zealand IT business has been ticking along quite nicely. New Zealand technology companies had a five percent increase in revenue in 2011 and passed the $7 billion revenue mark for the first time, according to the Technology Investment Network (TIN). The technology sector is now New Zealand’s second largest exporter, behind dairy. On top of that, a Market Measures survey of 158 domestic technology firms, released in October, found that companies that sell direct miss out on the growth potential provided by distributor and reseller channels.

  • Channel challenges for the courageous: 1997-2007

    Ten years is a long time in anybody’s book. Though in the IT industry 10 years is an eternity. In 1997 you used a mobile phone that looked like a brick to make calls. You took pictures with a camera and shot videos using a video camera. Email – if you used it then – was accessed from your 486 PC.