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  • McWilliams heads Datacom Systems in Sydney

    Datacom’s Mark McWilliams wants to capitalise on business growth opportunities in the bigger Australian market after transferring from its New Zealand office to be director of Datacom Systems, based in Sydney. McWilliams spent seven years in Wellington leading Datacom’s outsourcing business before crossing the Tasman and says he could fuel greater growth in his new role. “Datacom in Australia is the fastest growth area of our business at the moment. There’s a lot more scope to grow, as here it’s ten times as big as Wellington.” McWilliams says he will also be able to serve Datacom’s shared trans-Tasman customers better through his knowledge of its operations in New Zealand. In the new role he will oversee professional services, outsourcing and the company’s St Leonards datacentre with a 100 staff members. He also wants to establish ITIL processes designed to improve operational efficiency, an area of responsibility he held while in New Zealand. Prior to joining Datacom, McWilliams spent 10 years with Wang New Zealand, now Gen-i. He will report to Datacom Australia’s CEO Michael Browne.