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  • Veeam experiences record quarter in New Zealand

    Backup, replication and virtualisation management vendor, Veeam Software has experienced a record second quarter this year in New Zealand and it was the best performing territory in terms of percentage growth across APAC.

  • Datacom opens $30 million datacentre in 2013

    The Hamilton Kapua datacentre, Datacom's newest tier 3+ datacentre, will be ready to open for business in early February 2013, the company says. Datacom staff and the onsite construction teams will today get together for a 'roof shout' to celebrate the completion of structural works on Kapua. Kapua is the Maori word for 'cloud'. The new datacentre will be the sister facility to the Orbit datacentre located in Albany, Auckland. “Our significant investment here in Kapua supports rising customer demand for failsafe uptime teamed with the knowledge that their data is securely hosted domestically," says Steve Matheson, COO of Datacom. The new facility will have the capacity to house 920 racks with room for expansion. Built to meet the exacting government security requirements the new centre will have the capacity to house 920 racks with room for expansion. Datacom is building two data floors in the first stage of development with plans to expand to five data floors plus further hardened tier 4 rooms as required.  The Hamilton location was selected for its geographic suitability, high network connectivity and as an emerging hub of high tech business activity. Additionally, and second only to Auckland, Hamilton is the most geologically stable area in New Zealand. With the right optical equipment on the end of the fibre we can provide effectively any speed of network required between the centres at minimal latency," adds Matheson. Customers will be able to install their own IT equipment in the centre, make use of the Datacom Cloud Service (DCS), or in the case of Government Agencies the Datacom Cloud Service for Government (DCSG).

  • Kiwi Datacom scores Australian government datacentre deal

    New Zealand-based Datacom has been selected as one of five initial panel providers for the Australian government’s datacentre work. The panel will be in place for the next five years and will provide datacentre services to Australian Government FAM agencies, along with any other federal or state government organisations that wish to take advantage of the deal. “Datacom was delighted to help with the implementation of the Australian Government's 2010-2025 Datacentre Strategy. As one of the largest Australasian IT services companies and with eight Datacentre in the region, Datacom is well positioned to deliver quality services to subscribers of this new panel. We have a very strong 45+ year history of providing mission critical services to our Clients in the BPO, Systems Management and Application development space. It is encouraging to have the endorsement of the Australian Government in this very critical Datacentre technology area,” says Lisa Thorburn, Datacom’s ACT director. With over 1200 staff in Australia and 3500 in the region, Datacom has revenues in excess of AU$560 million. The company was founded in New Zealand in 1965 and established its presence in Australia in 1992. “Our recent growth to more than 70 staff in Canberra has meant that Datacom will soon be moving to new, larger premises on Northbourne Avenue, enabling better support for our clients” adds Thorburn.

  • VMware awards Datacom

    VMware has awarded Datacom as its Asia Pacific Service Provider Partner of the Year and one of three finalists in the vendor’s global Service Provider Partner awards to be presented early next month. Steve Matheson, Datacom’s group chief operating officer, has led the creation of Datacom’s cloud platform. He says its partnership with VMware allows it to offer a secure and reliable solution. “Without virtualisation it would not be possible to create the economies of scale that allow a service provider such as Datacom to create the optimisation…for our customers.”