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  • Gary Wicks: Toshiba's gadget guy

    Toshiba’s Gary Wicks was keen to try out the new toys as soon as possible after becoming country manager late last year. But as he tells Amanda Sachtleben, he has had to fit it into a hectic schedule in the first few months of the job.

  • Sony's marketing mastermind in the gaming world

    Warwick Light sometimes has to pinch himself to realise how privileged he feels to have the job as general manager for sales and marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment. He talks to Jan Birkeland about how the gaming market has grown, the forthcoming Playstation 3 and his favourite game.

  • Revving up to become number one

    New Zealand's peripherals market is competitive, so is Richard Olsen at IT Computer Products. He's working hard to become one of the top dogs. Jan Birkeland talks to Olsen about his passion for the peripherals business and his love for motorbikes.

  • Cricket whiz talks security

    Currently based in Australia, Trend Micro’s ANZ SME director Dave Patnaik takes a break to talk to Amanda Sachtleben during one of his regular flying trips to New Zealand.

  • It’s good to be home again

    American born Suzanne Hansen is back in the country, but is still with Cisco. Her new role with the company is regional manager for operations and marketing. She talks to Jan Birkeland about finally coming home to New Zealand, how she ended up with Cisco and how she might just want to set up a bed and breakfast one day.

  • I've been everywhere, man

    RSA Security's ANZ country manager Mark Pullen shows Amanda Sachtleben his passport full of New Zealand immigration stamps, and talks about the biggest emerging threats.

  • Solo salesman goes gaga for gadgets

    Four months into the job as Logitech’s first man on the ground in New Zealand, sales manager Bryan Simpson explains to Amanda Sachtleben how his house has become overrun with accessories.

  • Bright spark spurs growth

    Chillisoft director Geoff Cossey talks to Amanda Sachtlebenabout his ambitions for the business he built from the ground up, and the fun but disheartening experience of office pinball.

  • Laser: can you feel the force?

    Sim Bong, Laser Corporation country manager, is an accessories man. He shares his pen-and-paper theories with Amanda Sachtleben, and fesses up about his geeky gadget addiction.