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  • Don Williams continues to reach for the cloud

    Before entering the IT world 16 years ago, Veeam Software’s regional director Don Williams sold alcohol, toilets, and buckets. It is fair to say he did not follow the conventional path into technology.

  • From refugee to entrepreneur

    Coming from a family of engineers, it is little surprise that Mitchell Pham would one day pursue a career in the ICT sector. Considering that he first arrived in New Zealand from Vietnam as a refugee, at the age of 13, makes the fact that he climbed so far up the ladder even more interesting.

  • Most SMBs aren't exploring all opportunities, says Cappel

    Luigi Cappel left GeoSmart in July last year after eight years with the company but he hasn't strayed far from the geolocation business. He has since taken up the role of chief operations officer at Imersia, a startup marketing services company specialising in mobile, augmented reality and location-based services. When he's not at Imersia, he's also busy running SoLoMo, his own consultancy company, so a day's work in Cappel's life sees him moving in a variety of directions.

  • Jono Cochrane is proud to wear the Synnex colours

    Synnex business development representative Jono Cochrane has recently taken on the Xbox part of the business for the distributor, an area he says he is very excited to learn more about. Cochrane says Xbox will be his main focus for the next 12 months, as he works with his team to grow that business for Synnex.

  • Growing the local supply chain optimisation business

    Even since his appointment as ANZ managing director of global supply chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates, in January 2011, Sydney-based Raghav Sibal has been working with local customers and partners in the country to expand the company’s footprint in the market.

  • Matt Harrison and life in the fast lane

    Veeam Software’s New Zealand channel manager Matt Harrison believes in the value of personal interactions in business and has a personal goal of ten productive face-to-face meetings a week.

  • Bringing the Nordic ways into ANZ

    Soren Schoennemann already worked for Jabra back home in Denmark when he felt it was time for a new challenge. He wanted to move countries so took the initiative to speak to his boss about the possibility of an internal move. Schoennemann had a secret top two: San Francisco and Sydney. When a new role came up in the Sydney office of Jabra, for an ANZ position, he could not pass it on.

  • He started by chance, but stayed by choice

    From his office desk in Brisbane, John O'Brien oversees the entire FrontRage Solutions business in the Asia Pacific region, including all of the company's dealings with the New Zealand channel.

  • Peter Benson and the focus on the big picture

    Trend Micro’s senior security architect Peter Benson started his career in a technical space as a radio technician before evolving into teaching and systems thinking, and systems management. He says he “almost fell” into security while doing project management: “I worked out that security was cool to my way of thinking and mindset, and have been privileged to have been involved and active in security ever since,” he says. “I also worked out that there is just so much opportunity out there in the information security space, and scope for solutions companies and changing the mindset of society, and liked the concept of helping to grow security awareness and economic protection in New Zealand.”

  • Bela Duclos' journey from TV to IT

    She traded a career as a film and TV producer in Brazil for the IT industry in New Zealand. Bela Duclos, Samsung Electronics key account manager, still worked as a freelancer in the production of several TV commercials in New Zealand, when she first moved in the beginning of the last decade, but a role as client manager for Origin IT kickstarted a fresh career in a new industry. back in 2005.

  • Beyond the nerd and his slide rule

    Frank Ollie returned to New Zealand in 1996 in order to retire. Somewhere along the line that plan got put on hold and, instead, he spends his days managing the business of different international vendors in New Zealand, through his company Packet Technologies.

  • Working on making business 'more human'

    Polycom's managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Gary Denman, says this is the time for resellers to invest in video and unified communications solutions. Denman took up the leadership role at Polycom ANZ back in May, following a career with Microsoft that saw him in roles in the UK and, more recently, in Malaysia, where he was enterprise group sales director. The move to Polycom seemed fitting as Denman says many of his conversations with Microsoft customers were about unified communications and the vendor has a tight relationship with Polycom.