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  • Five cool cell phone accessories

    A cell phone is no longer just a cell phone. With the ability to surf the Web, pump out tunes, and play full-length movies and TV shows, mobile phones have become more than miniature long-distance walkie-talkies. But as cell phones become more sophisticated, so do the gaggle of accessories dedicated to enhancing their functionality. We dug up five cool new add-ons--some of which are coming out in the next few months--that can help you make the most of your Treo, iPhone, BlackBerry, Walkman phone, or whatever model you're toting around in your back pocket these days.

  • Top 10 cellphone favourites for 2007

    It's been an exciting year for cellphones: Apple came out with the iPhone; Google and its partners announced a new mobile platform called Android; and as always, phone makers unleashed a horde of better, faster, and more capable handsets.