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  • Citrix ShareConnect extends the power of your PC to your tablet

    In an ideal world, a tablet would be an extension of the PC - a device that is more portable, yet still enables users to continue work done while on the go. Tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab do work in that capacity to an extent, but not seamlessly. Citrix is changing things, though, with the launch of Citrix ShareConnect, which it calls a remote access innovation that extends the promise of mobile workspaces on any device.

  • Why mobile and Cloud will converge to become Mobile Cloud

    Everything's coming up mobile these days. Gartner estimates that PC sales will make up only about 13 percent of device sales in 2013 - and some undisclosed portion of those PCs are notebooks. The more we rely on small, mobile devices to get things done, the more we also depend on Cloud storage and services to extend functionality beyond what the mobile device itself is capable of. That's why mobile and Cloud will become mobile Cloud.

  • Windows Phone Update 3: Five things that make it better for business

    Microsoft unveiled the next generation of the Windows Phone mobile operating system this week--blandly named "Update 3." The new version of Microsoft's smartphone platform contains a variety of updates and new features--many of which will make Windows Phone smartphones better for business users.

  • Should your next PC be a Surface Pro?

    Microsoft revealed that it's limited-time $100 discount on Surface Pro pricing isn't so limited after all. The discount is now permanent, and Microsoft cut the cost of the Touch keyboard cover as well. The reduced pricing makes the Surface Pro more attractive, but it's still not enough to significantly sway sales.

  • 4G wireless now a necessity for businesses

    Sprint and AT&T both unveiled new 4G coverage zones today. The realm of 4G wireless networking continues to grow with each passing week, and for business users it has matured from a luxury to a necessity.