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  • iPad 5 rumour rollup for the week ending August 14

    The iOSphere is still conflicted over the iPad 5 and iPad mini dates, whether it's the start date for mass manufacturing, for the product announcement, or the availability. Eventually, someone is bound to be right.

  • iPad 5 rumour rollup for the week ending July 3

    We believe Apple will introduce the iPad 5 at a separate event in October, just like last year, and push the release date of the iPad 5, as well as the sequel to last year's iPad Mini, to late October 2013.

  • Asus sticking with Windows 7 tablets

    Asus will continue to build Window 7 tablets, calling Microsoft's OS a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad and the army of Android tablets on the market. An Asus official told TechRadar that the company gets a lot of inquiries from the consumer and business market for Windows 7 tablets, so it will continue making them as long as that demand remains.

  • Speculation Over Amazon Android Tablet Mounts

    Amazon and Apple's battle for online supremacy was ratcheted up with the launch of the <a href="">Amazon Appstore for Android</a>, and it could become even more heated if Amazon takes on the iPad by producing its own Android tablet.

  • Apple's new subscription model: Pros and cons

    Apple recently said it wants a 30 per cent cut of all subscriptions sold on iOS devices, including services that offer music, video, newspapers and magazines. But Apple's move may force digital publishers and content providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to think long and hard about continuing to offer apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

  • LG announces plans to jump on Android tablet bandwagon

    Like virtually every other hardware vendor, LG has announced plans to join the tablet PC revolution. It seems that LG might be following in HP's footsteps, though, by abandoning the Windows 7 tablet prototype it has been promoting in favor of a tablet built on a mobile OS platform.

  • Sales of laptops grew by 43 percent in Q1, says Gartner

    Shipments of laptops rose by 43.4 per cent in the first three months of 2010, compared to the same period last year, according to market research company Gartner. A large part of the growth was due to a 71 percent bump in netbook sales, which Gartner doesn't expect will be affected by the arrival of Apple's iPad and other tablets.

  • Report: Apple selling 200,000 iPads per week

    Apple is reportedly selling more than 200,000 iPads per week in the US, outselling sales of Mac computers according to figures from a Premier Investment Bank. Those iPad sales are still behind iPhone 3GS sales however, estimated at 246,000 per week, calculates RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky.

  • Apple rolls out iPad 3G in the US

    Apple later today will start selling iPads that are able to connect to the Internet over AT&amp;T's data network. Customers who pre-ordered the more expensive models of the tablet will also receive them today.

  • Apple delays international iPad launch by a month

    International users impatiently tapping their feet and glancing at their watches in expectation of the iPad's arrival will have to twiddle their thumbs a little bit longer. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Apple said that it would delay the international launch of the iPad until the end of May.