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  • 3GSM: Mobile security demands

    The growing functionality of mobile phones -- which in the future could be used to unlock doors and make credit-card purchases -- is driving demand for new and stronger security products, companies exhibiting at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona said.

  • 3GSM: Mobile advertising not here yet

    Despite the buzz around mobile advertising, end users and eager advertisers may have to wait a while for widespread deployments as the mobile industry sorts out the requirements for it.

  • Chip makers support mobile TV for smartphones

    Smartphone users will be able to watch broadband television and snap high-resolution photos on their handsets in 2007, thanks to new processor and memory chips launched at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Monday.

  • Microsoft touts support for Windows Mobile

    Device manufacturers including Toshiba and LG Electronics are announcing plans to offer phones based on the new Windows Mobile 6.0. Other device makers committed to supporting Windows Mobile 6.0 include High Tech Computer, imate, Motorola., Palm and Samsung Electronics, Microsoft says.