15 Weirdest Gadgets of the Year

Unique and useless gadgets from all walks of life

15 Weirdest Gadgets of the Year next


​2016's weirdest gadgets

One day, every piece of clothing you own will tell you how many steps you walked that day, your dog will play video games, and your umbrella will remind you to bring it with you. Oh, and everything has clean lines and some sleek combo of white, metal, and wood used in it's construction – or at least, that’s what some of 2016’s gadgets want us to think. Here are some of the most unique (read: weird and useless) inventions of this year…


You may not get to spend all day lounging around at home eating and playing video games, but now your dog can! In case you were afraid your dog was getting tired of all that ear scratching and butt licking, instead they can play brain games, solve puzzles, and be rewarded with treats. It even has an app so you can track their progress like an anxious parent of a prep school kid. Who’s a smart boy? Source

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