IN PICTURES: Kiwi channel reconvenes as After Hours arrives back in Auckland

Reseller News After Hours returned to Auckland this month, as the channel battled the bad weather for catch-up drinks at SnapDragon bar.

  • Jason Langley (Ingram Micro); James Arnold (Dell) and Karl Rosnell (Connect NZ)

  • Steve Smith (Ingram Micro); Craig Murphy (StorageCraft); Mike Hill (Fujitsu) and Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro)

  • Grant Olliff (Computer Group); Eisa Quelette (SAP); Jamie Corrigan (Schneider Electric) and Jason Molloy (Schneider Electric)

  • James Arnold (Dell) and Simon Goode (Dimension Data)

  • Jason Langley (Ingram Micro) and Leanne Buer (Cisco)

  • Karl Rosnell (Connect NZ); Mark Dasent (Connector Systems); Gavin Sharkey (Spark); Mike Clancy (OSS); Steve Smith (Ingram Micro); Jaynean Leaupepe (Arrow) and Serena Underwood (Connector Systems)

  • Karl Rosnell (Connect NZ); Mark Dasent (Connector Systems) and Gavin Sharkey (Spark)

  • Jaynean Leaupepe (Arrow) and Steve Smith (Ingram Micro)

  • Mark Dasent (Ingram Micro) and Richard Harri (Lenovo)

  • Steve Victor (OneNet); Jason Molloy (Schneider Electric) and Jamie Corrigan (Schneider Electric)

  • Terry Dunn (Nextgen Distribution) and Phil Martin (SAS IT)

  • Matt Roberts (SAS IT) and Greg Flanagan (Plan B)

  • Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro); Gary Bigwood (Ingram Micro) and Greg Flanagan

  • James Henderson (Reseller News); Leanne Buer (Cisco) and Mark Baker (Westcon-Comstor)

  • Gary Cooper (Plan B); Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro) and Mike Clancy (OSS)

  • Mark Dasent (Connector Systems); Jason Langley (Ingram Micro) and Greg Flanagan (Plan B)

  • Gary Bigwood (Ingram Micro) and Richard Harri (Lenovo)

  • Greg Flanagan (Plan B); Karl Rosnell (Connect NZ) and Leanne Buer (Cisco)

  • Greg Flanagan (Plan B) and Gary Cooper (Plan B)

  • Mark Dasent (Connector Systems) and Steve Victor (OneNet)

  • Chris Bergin (Distribution Central); Greg Flanagan (Plan B); Karl Rosnell (Connect NZ) and Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro)

  • Chris Bergin (Distribution Central) and Greg Flanagan (Plan B)

  • Gavin Sharkey (Spark)

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