IN PICTURES: Channel chatter continues as industry regroups for After Hours

Distributors, vendors and partners descended on Degree Bar in Auckland last night, braving the stormy conditions to chat all things channel at Reseller News After Hours.

  • Jamie Corrigan (APC); Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro); Craig Murphy (StorageCraft) and Greg Flanagan (Plan B)

  • Varinder Kumar (Staples) and Cameron May (Staples)

  • Mike Clancy (OSS); Scott Morris (Simplivity) and Chris Bergin (Distribution Central)

  • Nicki Shirley (ViFX); Derek Leitch (ViFX) and Scott Morris (Simplivity)

  • Andreas Wenzel (IBM) and Dean Butchers (IBM)

  • Jarrod Watson (Ingram Micro) and Phil Martin (SAS IT)

  • Jamie Corrigan (APC); Greg Flanagan (Plan B) and Craig Murphy (StorageCraft)

  • Mike Clancy (OSS) and Terry Dunn (Nextgen)

  • Greg Flanagan (Plan B) and Darius Mistry (ImageText)

  • Andreas Wenzel (IBM); Ian Hight (SAS IT); Chris Bergin (Distribution Central) and Dean Butchers (IBM)

  • Jason Langley (Ingram Micro) and Phil Martin (SAS IT)

  • Gary Bigwood (Ingram Micro); Andreas Wenzel (IBM) and Dean Butchers (IBM)

  • Serena Underwood (Ingram Micro) and Renilda Saguil-Ventura (Ruckus Wireless)

  • Leanne Buer (Cisco) and Nicki Shirley (ViFX)

  • Justin Tye (Exeed) and Brent Kendrick (Microsoft)

  • Terry Dunn (Nextgen) and Mark Hardie (Datacom)

  • Craig Murphy (StorageCraft) and Ross Salisbury (Datacom)

  • Mike Clancy (OSS) and Anatole Perry (OSS)

  • Mark Ellis (Datacom) and Jason Langley (Ingram Micro)

  • Mark Ellis (Datacom) and Terry Dunn (Nextgen)

  • Leanne Buer (Cisco) and Justin Tye (Exeed)

  • Nicki Shirley (ViFX) and Anatole Perry (OSS)

  • Serena Underwood (Ingram Micro); Justin Tye (Exeed); Leanne Buer (Cisco); Mark Hardie (Datacom); Anatole Perry (OSS) and Nicki Shirley (ViFX)

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