In Pictures: Monitoring more than just wearables

From turkey hatcheries to prawn farms, users are finding unique ways to use technology to monitor their situations.

  • Internet of Everything else When most people talk about the Internet of Things, they’re talking about Nest, wearables, and other devices. But there are all sorts of “things” that can be monitored and tracked with network monitoring software

  • Jackpot Values Krijco Casinos & Leisure monitors the jackpot values in our casinos. "This gives us insight on how the value is built up and its hit frequency. We also use the live values to show them on our internal narrowcasting system,” says Gerard Feijth, Manager ICT.

  • Turkey Hatchery “As a turkey hatchery, you can't leave temperature and humidity to chance. These two factors will determine how many chicks will be able to hatch in the end. All eggs are kept in incubators, and they are monitored to ensure that the room is always warm enough for our turkey eggs,” says Elisabeth Miko-Peer of Turkey Hatchery Miko.

  • Hospital In four Calvary Hospitals in South Australia, their IT department keeps track of the temperature of the refrigerator that stores blood, sending alerts if it becomes too warm. They also track everything from the temperature of the dishwasher to the fuel levels of the backup generators to how full the trash compactor is getting.

  • Prawn Farm Ever thought of how those delicious prawns land on your plate? If they come from New Caledonia, maybe Yann Urbes of Indeo took care of them. His system monitors the water's temperature, salinity and PH value. The farmers get all pool settings in real-time on their smartphones. No matter where they are, they can make sure their prawns thrive.

  • Wear-a-Tie At Sonoco Alcore, a British-based provider of industrial, packaging and supply chain goods, the boss requires you wear a tie. Some clever IT employees set up a custom sensor to track when their boss enters the office by monitoring check-in at the reception desk. When the boss arrives, a custom widget on their computer changes from a little cartoon man in a green shirt to one in a white shirt and red tie. “So as soon as we see this little guy wearing a tie ... we open our drawer and grab our tie!” says Wim Van Haver.

  • Kindergarten The city of Grenoble, France always knows how many kids are at play in the municipal kindergartens. ID cards are scanned at the entrance and all information is then tracked.

  • Museum A museum of international renown is testing a new concept: It monitors the number of people in each exhibition room with light barriers. All data is collected, which sets off an alarm if a room is too crowded.

  • Gas Stations “I came up with the idea of building a custom sensor to monitor the gas stations and their fuel prices on my way to work. No sooner said than done! Now, I check all gas stations I want on the website I have set up for this purpose before I start off on my morning commute,” says Manuel Wolff.

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