Camels, sleds and trikes: Seven odd Street View vehicles

Street View lenses are exploring more of our world on an evolving series of platforms

  • A snowmobile is equipped with a Google Street View camera mast. The vehicles have been used to image ski resorts in North America.

  • A fishing boat equipped with a Google Street View camera motors along Japan's northeast coast as part of a project to document the region after the 2011 tsunami.

  • A camel walks the Liwa Desert in United Arab Emirates with a Google Street View camera.

  • A hiker explores Japan's Yakushima Island with a Street View Trekker camera mast on his back.

  • To go where cars can't go, Google adapted its Street View camera to a large tricycle, which has been used to photograph everything from zoos to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Google recently used a pickup truck to deploy its Street View camera around Mongolia.

  • This eerie "selfie" shows the Google Street View Trolley photographing itself in a mirror at the Paris Opera.

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