In pictures: Women in Tech event at Microsoft's TechEd 2014

As part of TechEd this year, Microsoft hosted a Women in Technology event yesterday. The evening event brought women developers, coders and others who occupy various tiers in the ICT workforce in the country. Speakers at the event included the well-known Frances Valintine, founder and chairperson of the board at The Mind Lab, Jessica DeVita, technical evangelist at Microsoft and Jacki Johnson, NZ CEO of Insurance Australia Group (IAG). The speeches were preceded and followed by networking sessions to allow for interaction between the women, and the few brave men, who had gathered together.

  • As part of TechEd this year Microsoft hosted a Women in Tech evening yesterday that brought together more than 100 members of the fairer sex together at Auckland.

  • Haylie Johnson and Silvia Schugg from Fujitsu.

  • Frances Valintine from The Mind Lab and Jacki Johnson from IAG do some pre-event networking.

  • Jo Eggers from Jo Eggers Consulting, Janelle Tilly and Elaine Chambers from Spark Digital.

  • Sarah Jackson from HP, Cat Morgan from Westcon and Carolyn Dunn from HP.

  • From Datacom, Chenjiazi Sheng, Joanh Gomez and Liat Reis.

  • Justin Frazer from Xero, Jo Donnelly and Marianne Ma from Microsoft.

  • Rimma Kalina-Derevitskaya from Spark NZ and Celeste McCormick from Microsoft.

  • Helen Sui from DIA and Tina Ma from Datacom.

  • Credit: Divina Paredes

    Frances Valintine spoke about the need to bring awareness to mothers and familities in NZ who help young people make choices in careers, even as we make changes to educate our youth on technology.

  • Jacki Johnson spoke about how women should be more self-aware and learn to use social networks to promote to promote themselves and their personal brand.

  • She also spoke about her trip to slums in Mumbai, India and the entrepreneurial lessons that can be learned from women who live on $2 a day.

  • Jessica DeVita spoke to the audience about being 'fierce women' and standing up for what you believe in.

  • High school dropout as she is, DeVita encouraged the women in the audience to shun anything they might consider a handicap and to go for what they really want.

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