In pictures: Microsoft kicks off TechEd 2014 in New Zealand

Microsoft kicked off its annual TechEd in New Zealand with three keynotes at Auckland’s Vector Arena yesterday evening.

  • The crowd started flocking early to Auckland's Vector Arena and there was a buzz of anticipation in the air preceding the keynotes at the launch of Microsoft' TechEd 2014.

  • More than 2000 people are expected to attend the event through the four days of the annual conference.

  • This year’s Microsoft TechEd conference will bring together IT developers, tinkerers, vendors and partners to discuss the latest developments in Microsoft and its technologies.

  • The crowd was warmed up with free t-shirts, jelly bean packets and bluetooth speakers.

  • Credit: Supplied

    Nigel Parker, director of the Developer Experience group in Microsoft NZ went up on stage to introduce the first speaker, Dr Michelle Dickinson.

  • Dr Michelle Dickinson, senior lecturer at the University of Auckland and founder of NZ’s only nanomechanical testing laboratory, focused her presentation around the test run with Microsoft's newly launched laptop-replacement-tablet Surface Pro 3.

  • Dickinson displays the inner details in a Surface Pro 3 by taking apart the tablet.

  • Steven Martin, GM of cloud and enterprise at Microsoft who spoke about the next five years of cloud computing.Tracing the history of cloud computing to date, he said that cloud is the future for the company and that there is no plan B.

  • James Whittaker, technical evangelist at Microsoft, spoke about data economies and a a time when data will be tamed for usage for everyone through smart devices that are actually smart, apps that functions as verbs, increased internet of things connections and super apps that can integrate web services and data in a comprehensive manner to make it easily available for the consumer.

  • “Data economies that these will enable will buy us some of that precious commodity – time,” said Whittaker.

  • More than 2000 people are expected to attend the event through the days.

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