In Pictures: 12 hot Cloud computing startups to watch

The Cloud is one of the hottest areas of investments for venture capitalist right now. We have zeroed in on 12 Hot Cloud startups to watch.

  • The cloud is one of the hottest areas of investments for venture capitalist right now. We have zeroed in on 12 Hot Cloud startups to watch.

  • Cloud Volumes Product name: CloudVolumes and CloudVolumes Elastic Management Pricing:Not available Key features: CloudVolumes enables elastic management and deployment of complex server, desktop and cloud based applications. It allows a single copy of an unmodified app or workload to be shared across all environments and all users. CloudVolumes Elastic Management provisions, updates and can remove applications allowing for an entirely dynamic and flexible infrastructure

  • Cloudmunch Product name: CloudMunch Pricing: Starts at $2,000 per month for a project with <20 developers and this includes cloud infrastructure for dev/test Key features: CloudMunch is application life-cycle management software for devops and agile development processes. It aims to keep developers and infrastructure operators on the same page throughout the development, deployment and operations of software. As devops and agile development practices become increasingly mainstream, companies need ways to manage the application lifecycle process in this new model.

  • CloudPhysics Product name: CloudPhysics Pricing: Community edition is free. Subscriptions start at $49/server/month. Key features: Uses a SaaS platform to deliver big data analytics to optimize how data centers run. CloudPhysics uses data gathered from other users, along with a customer’s prior history to help organizations make better decisions about data center operations, including optimizing workloads and evaluating changes.

  • Digital Ocean Product name: Digital Ocean cloud Pricing: $0.23 per hour for a 16GB VM or $5 a month. Extra small instance size with 512MB of Memory is $0.007 per hour. Addition bandwidth costs apply. More information on pricing here. Key features: Public IaaS. Founders say while there are a variety of other IaaS providers, their clouds are too difficult and non-intuitive for developers to use. Digital Ocean aims to be the simplest cloud service.

  • Docker Product name: is the open source project Pricing : The open source software is free, Docker has not yet set pricing for its support Key features: Docker is an open-source project designed to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more. Although Docker has not been the first to use Linux Containers, it is popularizing them.

  • ElasticBox Product name: ElasticBox Pricing: Not available Key features: ElasticBox aims to make it as easier as possible to develop, deploy and manage applications for any cloud infrastructure. ElasticBox has a modular, service-based application development structure, where fully configured components of an application architecture are encapsulated as “Boxes” and made available as a service. The Box is reusable and fully mobile across cloud environments. To create a multi-tier application architecture, one simply “stacks” these Boxes.

  • Jelastic Product name: Jelastic Pricing: Jelastic prices its platform as an infrastructure on a per-server basis starting at “a few hundred dollars.” For service providers, Jelastic offers a revenue-sharing model. Key features: Jelastic is hoping to pioneer the idea of a Platform as an Infrastructure. Jelastic is a cloud platform that runs on bare metal or virtualized servers to create a cloud that intelligently monitors and provisions the infrastructure based on the needs of applications running on it. The idea is a more seamless integration of the infrastructure with the applications, allowing IaaS services to cater directly to the needs of the applications and services running on it.

  • nCrypted Product name: nCrypted Cloud for DropBox and others Key features: Security remains one of the top concerns for companies that allow employees to use consumer-oriented cloud services. nCrypted provides a way for IT organizations to not only encrypt data stored in these services, but provide a centralized console to manage the encryption and data. nCryption brings Shadow IT into the sunlight.

  • Pernixdata Product name: Pernixdata FVP Pricing: PernixData FVP is sold on a per host basis, with no limit on the number of hosts or VMs deployed. There is also no limit on the number of processors or flash devices supported per host. List price for the Enterprise Edition of FVP s $7,500 per host. Key features: Flash storage is becoming a common remedy to alleviate the roadblocks of traditional storage performance. Using a storage hypervisor like Pernixdata’s will optimize the reads and writes at the host level completely independent of storage capacity.

  • Salsify Product name: Salsify Pricing: Starts at $1,000/month, complete pricing details here. Key features: E-commerce sites need a way to manage the products they sell on their websites. Using a cloud-based system makes it much easier for companies to sell their products across many different sites, and allows websites to aggregate products from many different companies.

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