In Pictures: Mozilla's new lineup of Firefox OS devices

Seven new phones meant to hasten the spread of Firefox OS introduced at MWC

  • Firefox OS spreads around the world Mozilla introduced a range of new devices at the Mobile World Congress this week that run its Firefox OS mobile software. While none of them appear to be headed for the U.S. market, the idea behind the budget devices from manufacturers Alcatel, Huawei and ZTE is to popularize Firefox OS in developing economies, where smartphone saturation is far less complete. Take a look.

  • Alcatel Onetouch Fire C The economy option in Alcatel Onetouch’s trio of Firefox OS devices, the Fire C is about what you’d expect in a low-end phone – limited bells and whistles, but enough horsepower (1.2GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM) to be a functional smartphone.

  • Alcatel Onetouch Fire E Next in line is the Fire E, a bigger device that ups the Fire C’s 320x480 screen to 540x960, adds a forward-facing camera as well as an upgraded main shooter, and bumps the battery to 1700mAh, rather than 1300mAh.

  • Alcatel Onetouch Fire S The Fire S is the premium option in Alcatel’s new lineup, though it’s pretty much the same phone as the Fire E. The exceptions are a further camera upgrade and the addition of LTE connectivity.

  • Firefox OS Flame The Flame is billed as a reference device, intended to provide developers with a platform that offers quick access to the latest versions of Firefox OS. Its specs are middling at best – but the Flame does include handy features like scalable RAM, to enable app testing for limited-memory devices.

  • Huawei Y300 Not to be confused with the Ascend Y300, an Android device, Huawei’s plain old Y300 is a mid-level smartphone with a 4-inch WVGA screen, 512MB RAM and a dual-core 1GHz processor, making it more or less par for the Firefox OS course. The Y300, it should be noted, runs Firefos OS 1.1, not the more up-to-date version 1.3 of the Alcatel devices.

  • ZTE Open C The Open C is the slightly more powerful of ZTE’s two new Firefox OS phones, boasting a 3MP camera, WVGA screen and Snapdragon 200 processor, as well as 512MB RAM and 4GB of on-board storage.

  • ZTE Open II ZTE’s more bare-bones Firefox OS option is the Open II, a smaller device with pared-down specs, including a smaller, lower-definition screen, half the RAM and storage, and a 2MP camera, rather than the Open C’s 3MP option.

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