In Pictures: 2014 tech merger madness

Our ongoing timeline of the biggest and most interesting network industry M&A deals

  • A summary of who did the buying, who got bought, how much they went for and why. We'll be updating as more deals are made.

  • Buyer: Microsoft Acquisition: Parature Why: To incorporate in Microsoft Dynamics CRM a customer service portal and introduce more options for customers seeking to reach customer service reps.

  • Buyer: FireEye Acquisition: Mandiant Why: FireEye indicated its intent to further integrate its virtual machine execution engine used to dynamically detect zero-day malware threats with Mandiant’s endpoint software for threat detection, response and forensics.

  • Buyer: Motorola Solutions Acquisition: Twisted Pair Solutions Why: “We recognize that our customers have multiple communications technology options for connecting land mobile radios, wireless broadband networks and smart devices. The acquisition of Twisted Pair enables Motorola Solutions to address all of those choices and accelerate push-to-talk expansion across multiple technologies,” according to Motorola.

  • Buyer: Oracle Acquisition: Corente Why: Will extend Oracle network virtualization technology from LANs into the WAN.

  • Buyer: Palo Alto Networks Acquisition: Morta Security Why: Palo Alto says Morta has developed techniques for detecting and remediating malware, and Palo Alto intends to integrate the technology into its next-generation firewall platform either as a cloud service or directly on the Palo Alto firewall platform.

  • Buyer: Citrix Acquisition: Framehawk Why: Will use the company's technology to improve the performance of virtual desktops and applications over wireless networks.

  • Buyer: Google Acquisition: Nest Why: Details are unclear, but look for Google to use the buyout to bring more of its services into the connected home via Nest’s smart thermometers and other offerings.

  • Buyer: Ricoh Acquisition: MindShift Technologies Why: Enables office equipment company Ricoh to expand its services business via MindShift’s selection of cloud-based and other offerings.

  • Buyer: VMware Acquisition: AirWatch Why: Extends VMware’s product line from data center management to end user device management.

  • Buyer: Google Acquisition: DeepMind Why: Fits with Google’s increased investments in robotics, Internet of Things technologies.

  • Buyer: Lenovo Acquisition: IBM x86 server business Why: China-based Lenovo bulks up its computing business, which already includes the ThinkPad line acquired from IBM in 2005. IBM’s sell-off allows it to focus on higher-end servers, including those used for cloud computing.

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