In pictures: World's First Xbox One launch in Auckland, NZ

The first Xbox One in the world was sold one hour ago in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Microsoft today launched the Xbox One, starting at midnight in New Zealand thanks to the international date line. We were at the launch event in Shed 10 on Auckland's Viaduct Harbour.

  • We arrived an hour before the midnight launch to find a healthy crowd, though the venue was far from packed.

  • Attendees gathered to play on Xbox One demo units set up throughout the venue.

  • Microsoft's official Auckland launch was held in partnership with EB Games New Zealand, which had the only retail presence at the event. Lines were set up to allow EB Games preorder customers to collect their consoles at midnight.

  • It's worth remembering that though the first Xbox One was sold at midnight, demo units have been floating around and popping up at events like DIGITAL NATIONZ and the Armageddon Expo throughout the last few months.

  • Launch title Forza Motorsport always proves a popular attraction.

  • The area in front of the stage isn't too heavily trafficked, at 53 minutes from launch.

  • Anything in the Call of Duty series is always a favourite.

  • The line for pre-order pickups lengthens considerably as midnight approaches.

  • Prominent New Zealand comedian Dai Henwood was tasked with handing over the first Xbox One, which has [[artnid:531706|spent the last week in a shark tank]] at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland.

  • Dai Henwood presents the [[artnid:531706|shark-tank]] Xbox One to lucky EB Games pre-order customer Daniel Livingstone.

  • Winning pre-order customer Daniel Livingstone accepts his Xbox One from Dai Henwood, who was quick to warn the audience against mugging Livingstone outside the event for his prize. As it turns out, security contractors were on hand between the event and nearby carparks to prevent just such an occurrence.

  • One minute left on the countdown.

  • A very excited EB Games presenter caught mid-jump as the midnight countdown reaches zero.

  • Launch attendees celebrate the arrival of the Xbox One. Note that most of the people here either work for Microsoft, are media or PR, or have someone standing in line for them - because just after midnight, everyone desperate to actually get their hands on a console would have been standing in line rather than milling around.

  • Event attendees leave, many with consoles in hand.

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