Sony SmartWatch 2: A teeny, tiny step in the right smartwatch direction (9 photos)

Don't slag its limited feature set. By focusing on just a few key features, Sony's wearable avoids complete failure.

  • Sony’s SmartWatch 2

  • The SmartWatch 2 is large and chunky on many wrists, but at least the display is visible in direct sunlight, even with the backlight off.

  • The power button on the side resembles the crown of an analog watch, and helps to soften the device’s quasi-modern appearance.

  • The port cover helps make the watch waterproof, but is a total pain to take off.

  • The SmartWatch 2 interface will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a smartphone.

  • Text notifications appear in full. But like all notifications, they stay on screen for only 10 seconds.

  • The watch’s Twitter scheme is inscrutable, but at least tweets appear in full without any scrolling required.

  • Twitter’s ‘Update frequency’ control panel is buried four levels deep in Sony’s Smart Connect phone app. Good luck finding it!

  • Most smartphone apps are crapware, but this adorable take on solitaire actually, well, lets you play solitaire without much frustration or heartbreak.

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