In Pictures: Nightmares - 9 frightening realities from within the IT department

In the spirit of Halloween, CSO recently spoke to Adam Stewart, the Vice-President of Engineering at Autotask, to outline the most frightening aspects of working in IT.

  • Money, money, money Trying to justify the cost of redundant equipment (which helps increase reliability) to non-IT pros. “Yes, there is a significant upfront cost to this implementation, but preventing an outage will save us money in the long run.”

  • Backup corruption Finding out that the data backup you are now relying on is indeed corrupted and worthless.

  • Unrealistic deadlines Trying to obtain an international MPLS circuit in less than six months (yeah, right).

  • Lapses (no, not in judgment - although those are scary, too) Realizing that you lost a production interface, and then learned that your SMARTNET agreement lapsed a week ago.

  • Power loss Three words. Production System Outage

  • Uncontrollable barriers Troubleshooting an international circuit across multiple carriers, time zones and languages. “How do you say “escalate” in Mandarin?”

  • (Cuts to) money, money, money Budget cuts and trying to determine which items in the CapEx budget are “non-essential.”

  • Password death Three more dreaded words. Password Expiration Day.

  • Disaster preparedness? Crossing your fingers that the instructions you gave your data center manager about disaster prevention procedures made sense…as a hurricane is forming off the coast.

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