Get to know iOS 7: iOS' other apps (+10 photos)

Here are some of the more minor stock app redesigns and updates in iOS 7.

  • The scientific calculator gains several new functions in iOS 7.

  • Check local times and weather from the Clock app.

  • You can now tap anywhere on your device’s screen to snooze your alarm.

  • The stopwatch is now more accurate in iOS 7.

  • The timer ticks down even from the lock screen.

  • Game Center’s new interface is far from green felt and wood, but still tries to convey an attitude of fun.

  • You can now receive Passbook passes via QR code.

  • The Stocks app is relatively unchanged save for a sleeker black interface.

  • The new Weather app can give you a quick overview of temperatures and conditions in all the cities you track.

  • Weather now offers more detailed information about the forecast at a tap.

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