In Pictures: Armadillo-T. Now that’s a compact car

South Korean electric folds up to conserve parking space

  • Acts like an armadillo The Armadillo-T is an all-electric vehicle that folds up upon itself when parked. It was developed by In-Soo Suh, an associate professor of the Graduate School for Green Transportation at KAIST in South Korea, and his research team. These pictures will give you an idea of the vehicle’s capabilities and dimensions as they relate to a typical car. The video on the last slide demonstrates the full effect, while a YouTube commenter raises an interesting question about the Armadillo-T’s potential real-life use.

  • Parked position The Armadillo-T seen with its rear end folded up at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Using a smartphone app, the car will park itself and fold nearly in half, freeing up space in crowded cities, its designers say.

  • Ready to roll The two-seat Armadillo-T unfolded and all set to go.

  • Side-view perspective The Armadillo-T in folded position next to a typical four-door sedan.

  • From above A passerby eyes the Armadillo-T as it sits parked next to a four-door sedan.

  • Tight fit? A researcher exits the Armadillo-T, which from this angle looks about the size of a golf cart.

  • Inside A researcher checks out the interior of the two-seat Armadillo-T.

  • Curiosity draw A visitor snaps a photograph of the Armadillo-T as it sits in fold-up position.

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