In Pictures: 15 more useful Cisco sites

In our never ending effort to uncover the most useful sites for Cisco users, we've come up with 15 more!

  • It seems there are more and more sites either devoted to Cisco itself or to a market it’s focused on and heavily invested in. Here’s our latest roundup of such sites.

  • Tech Field Day chronicles the field trips of bloggers, freelance writers, podcasters and other IT thinkers and writers to the headquarters of IT product vendors to discuss hot topics of the day, and to share thoughts and opinions. The Tech Field Day cast usually brings out frank and often passionate positions of the IT vendors on various topics, such as how Cisco really feels about the OpenFlow software-defined networking protocol.

  • Speaking of SDNs, Network Heresy is a blog written by OpenFlow inventor and VMware/Nicira Chief Network Architect Martin Casado, his associates at VMware, and a host of other industry luminaries like JR Rivers at Cumulus Networks and Alex Bachmutsky at Ericsson. Network Heresy chronicles the network reformation among us, such as the advent of SDN, network virtualization, OpenFlow, programmable networks, whitebox switching, merchant silicon and the like – all threats to Cisco’s incumbency and legacy. Here you will learn from the people who have Done It Differently, how to demolish the “vertically integrated network model.”

  • This SDN stuff just will not go away. The OpenDaylight Project site is one way for IT professionals to keep tabs on what Cisco, IBM and a bunch of other vendors are doing to create an open source, multivendor SDN framework. The project was founded by Cisco and IBM but there is some suspicion that it was created to keep the hardware agnosticism of SDN and momentum of OpenFlow in check. Time will tell if it results in anything relevant for the industry – or if it was just a smokescreen or diversion all along.

  • One of the organizations watching OpenDaylight with interest is the Open Networking Foundation, a user-driven initiative to standardize OpenFlow-based SDNs, and share implementation guidelines and best practices based on it. Cisco is a member of ONF because some of its largest customers are, but also because it will help Cisco keep tabs on the progress of OpenFlow-based SDNs in large shops, like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Verizon. ONF also expressed some reservations about the motives of OpenDaylight as well…

  • SDN is one disruptive trend in the networking and IT industry. Another is the consumerization of IT. Cisco has identified and addressed this trend. And so have we here at IDG Enterprise with the CITEworld site. CITEworld covers the mobile revolution reshaping the workplace, including BYOD policies and best practices, and the enterprises injecting the workplace with consumer-like experiences, like cloud services and mobile apps for collaboration, enterprise social networking, and social marketing. The site also provides tips and techniques for developers looking to jump on the consumerized IT trend.

  • Cisco has its sights set on becoming the No. 1 IT company in the industry. The DaniWeb IT discussion community site might help Cisco address IT customer challenges by divulging issues practitioners are dealing with. DaniWeb is an online community of over 1 million IT professionals and over a million forum posts, and is growing at the rate of nearly 1,000 new members daily, the site states. It’s intended to serve as a one-stop information and advice community on just about every IT topic there is.

  • There is perhaps no more important topic in IT than security. And one of the ways to keep up on the latest security threats and remedial techniques is by reading the Security-Database site. Operated by European security experts, Security-Database’s mission is to help enterprises detect and avoid any security risks that may impact the IT infrastructure and business applications. Authors of the site also develop software designed to help enterprise IT anticipate, in real-time, and resist any attack on key information assets.

  • While we’re on the topic of security, the Homeland Security News Wire is a good way to keep up to date on the latest cybersecurity and infrastructure security news, alerts and advice. In addition to the latest news and alerts, the site provides background information on a new technology or product, analysis of business or policy trends in homeland security, and information on key grants, contracts and new regulations regarding homeland security, including how these events relate to IT.

  • Homeland security is a big issue for data centers, where Cisco wants to establish its IT foothold. DatacenterDynamics serves up a virtual repository of information on the evolving compute environment and its opportunities, tailored specifically to those who design, build, operate and troubleshoot them. It divides data center content up into digestible zones and complements that with news, blogs, whitepapers, archived video, etc.

  • Another must read for data center operators is Data Center Knowledge. DCK provides daily news on the high-density computing industry and is also targeted at IT and operations professionals who build and manage data centers. The site was founded by Rich Miller, who’s been reporting on data centers since 2000. Content is contributed by former data center operators and designers.

  • Convergence is a huge trend in data centers. On a larger scale, Converge! Network Digest wraps its head around the convergence of wired, wireless and optical. With daily and archived news stories, company directories, conference and industry group listings, Digest serves as a portal to networking industry resources on the Web. Converge! Network Digest used to be called ATM News Digest when it was published by Madge Networks in the 1990s. Madge spun it off to Founding Editor James Carroll in 1997.

  • India is important to Cisco and its presence is expanding there. Opportunity may be too. One way to keep up with IT in India is CIOL, a business technology resource and community. CIOL’s content is designed to help large and mid-market enterprises evaluate technologies and understand its business impact. The site has an audience of over 4 million, free access to white papers and is part of a network of Indian IT sites operated by speciality media giant CyberMedia.

  • Another useful IT site is TechRepublic, published by CBS Interactive. TechRepublic has blogs, community forums, vendor white papers, software downloads, Webcasts and research sourced from original content by IT professionals and a community of peers and vendors. The site is designed to help IT decision-makers identify technologies and strategies to streamline business processes and improve service delivery.

  • For the technology generalist and/or investor there’s the Bloomberg site. Bloomberg and its business of technology coverage provides late breaking news on events pertinent to Cisco, IT and the industry in general. Investigative pieces have uncovered some interesting behind-the-scenes looks inside Cisco and some of the other heavy hitters in IT.

  • Like its competitor Bloomberg, Reuters is on-the-spot with breaking technology news and business-oriented analysis of the IT industry. Reuters has broken several Cisco stories before anyone and expands coverage with in-depth follow ups on the business of IT and its largest, most important players.

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