Twelve unnecessary Vista features to disable

Excess code has a way of slowing down an operating system; here are 12 Vista features that you can turn off right now

  • Turn off Internet Printing by deselecting it in the Windows Features dialog box.

  • You can turn off many of Vista's wasteful interface enhancements by deselecting them individually.

  • Give Windows Sidebar the axe by deselecting the 'Start Sidebar when Windows starts' check box.

  • Windows Meeting Space lets users share documents remotely. It's neat, but hardly anyone uses it.

  • If you don't have a tablet PC, you don't need Tablet PC Optional Components. Disable them.

  • If you don't use the Search field often, turning off indexing can give your PC a small performance boost.

  • Windows Ultimate Extras are available only in the Ultimate Edition--and that's probably for the best.

  • Aero graphics are neat, but unnecessary. Turn them off to speed up a slow PC.

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