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  • 15 June 2004 11:03

IronPort Systems Introduces “Virus Outbreak Filters” to Predict New Outbreaks, Protect Customer Networks

IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters protect networks during critical gap between time an outbreak starts and when updated signatures are deployed.


IronPort Systems™, the world’s leading email security company, has announced a new preventive security system, IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters. Integrated into the IronPort email security appliances, IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters are a high-performance preventive security solution that protects a customer's network from infections during the critical initial stages of a virus outbreak. New virus outbreaks are detected in real-time as they begin to propagate, hours before signatures used by reactive anti-virus solutions are updated. Suspicious email is quarantined before it enters the network, allowing corporations to defend against new outbreaks before they escalate into damaging and costly incidents. IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters are targeted for Q3 2004 release.

Taking Early Action.

IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters provide a proactive, critical first layer of defence against new outbreaks. Analyzing global data from SenderBase™, the industry's largest email traffic monitoring network, the IronPort solution detects new virus outbreaks and responds dynamically to provide protection. The IronPort email security appliances perform a threat assessment of inbound and outbound messages based on a virus threat score. Suspect messages are quarantined temporarily and re-scanned through traditional anti-virus solutions once signature updates are in place.

Closing the Window of Vulnerability.

"Some anti-virus defences rely almost entirely on signature-based filters that look for patterns of known viruses. As a result, there can be a several hour window before the new signature is deployed, when the company is vulnerable to the virus," said Peter Firstbrook, Analyst at Meta Group. "A rapidly spreading virus can infect machines globally in that zero hour. Systems that can monitor global activity to detect an early stage outbreak and automatically change filtering policy, can reduce the window of vulnerability to zero hour viruses."

"Our customers manage some of the largest corporate and ISP networks in the world," said Scott Weiss, CEO of IronPort Systems. "Prior to the development of IronPort's Virus Outbreak Filters, these customers would take dramatic steps such as halting all inbound mail until the virus defences were in place. IronPort's Virus Outbreak Filters provide even higher levels of preventive security in an automated, easy to manage solution."

Enabling Real-time Detection and Protection.

The IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters complement traditional anti-virus solutions to provide a comprehensive defence against new virus outbreaks. IronPort's technology analyses global email traffic patterns to detect anomalies that are an excellent predictor of new outbreaks and generates a threat score. Virus detection is based on SenderBase, which tracks 20 million IPs – 25 per cent of the world's email traffic – giving IronPort unrivaled visibility into email traffic patterns and the ability to see anomalous behavior at the onset.

The IronPort email security appliances dynamically apply policies based on the threat score. When the score is elevated, all mail is automatically filtered and suspicious messages are temporarily quarantined until updated signatures are in place. At that point, mail is released and re-scanned through traditional anti-virus filters. Scanning and quarantining policies are all managed through a comprehensive web interface.

More information about IronPort Outbreak Filters can be found at


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